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Airport: Budapest (BUD)


Current local time 09:18:47 Saturday 18.09.2021
Time zone UTC + 01:00
Demand calculation 07:28:11 UTC
Country Hungary
Continent Europe
Runway 3,706 m
Airport size Above-average sized airport
Slots (per 5 minutes) 9
Slot Availability 34%
Min. transfer time 01:00h
Nighttime ban nighttime ban between 0:01 and 5:59
Noise restrictions Stage II noise restrictions


2021-09-14 08:31 UTC Ding Connect has opened a new station at Budapest.
2021-05-31 21:30 UTC Livland Avia has opened a new station at Budapest.
2021-05-27 10:43 UTC North East European Airlines has opened a new station at Budapest.
2021-04-05 15:46 UTC European Spirit Hungary has opened a new station at Berlin.
2021-02-18 22:09 UTC Fly Tehran Airways have shut down their station at Budapest.
2021-02-14 09:13 UTC Reval Regional Connect has opened a new station at Budapest.
2021-02-03 10:33 UTC MARHABA has opened a new station at Budapest.
2021-01-07 19:28 UTC Pacifica Airlines, based at Budapest, has ceased operations. All shares have been returned or liquidated.
2021-01-06 23:01 UTC Geowings has opened a new station at Budapest.
2020-12-27 19:46 UTC Pacifica Airlines has opened a new station at Vienna.
2020-12-27 19:07 UTC Pacifica Airlines has been founded in Budapest.
2020-12-17 22:06 UTC 123jet has opened a new station at Budapest.
2020-11-08 15:12 UTC Fly Caspian Smile has opened a new station at Budapest.
2020-09-30 19:11 UTC Eurair has opened a new station at Budapest.
2020-09-29 03:25 UTC Ursa Air has opened a new station at Budapest.

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Enterprise IL Weekly departures Flight schedule
Aerokrayina 84 Departures
Aeromoldaviya 7 Departures
Aerossiya 21 Departures
AIA France 0 Departures
Air Atlantica 14 Departures
Aymara Cargo 140 Departures
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Bohemian Holding 0 Departures
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CROWN construction 0 Departures
Danske Fly 35 Departures
Ding Connect 21 Departures
Ding Wing 317 Departures
Ellinwings 21 Departures
Ellinwings Express 21 Departures
Euro Sky Express 0 Departures
European Spirit 290 Departures
European Spirit Hungary 1,400 Departures
Fly Caspian Smile 7 Departures
Fly Europe 69 Departures
Fly Europe Express 0 Departures
Fly To Sweden 195 Departures
Fly Turkish 21 Departures
FLYING STAR Airlines of Russia 21 Departures
Galata Airlines 21 Departures
Geowings 14 Departures
German Connect 70 Departures
Golden Wings 0 Departures
Icewings 0 Departures
Livland Avia 0 Departures
MARHABA 14 Departures
Moldova Airlines 21 Departures
Moldovan Eagle 21 Departures
MOLDOVAN STAR 28 Departures
Oriental Airways 28 Departures
Pacifica 6 Departures
Rossiyavia 0 Departures
Royal Bavarian Airlines 14 Departures
Serbian International Services 0 Departures
smartjet 4 Departures
Suisse Avia 7 Departures
Swift Europe 84 Departures
Swift Europe Regional 112 Departures
Toto Air 54 Departures
Trans-European Network Airlines 28 Departures
Tyrolean Alps 0 Departures
Zigann Airways 25 Departures